Wind onshore

Innovative concept

In order to demonstrate its concept of innovative electrical machine, DDIS decided in July 2008 to design and manufacture a wind turbine. Indeed the benefits of such a wind generator are numerous: no gearbox, electricity high quality, low total head mass.

The nominal power of this first wind turbine is rated at 800 kilowatts and a rotor diameter of 60 m, dedicated to low wind speed sites (6 m/s at hub height). But it is clear that technology will apply to larger wind turbines (2MW, 5MW and more, particularly for large offshore wind farms).

DDIS windturbine data

The technical characteristics of the DDIS windturbine are:

  • rated power: 800 kW
  • diameter: 60m
  • three-bladed rotor
  • Class IIIA
  • pitch control regulation
  • direct drive DDIS generator, cooled air (double circuit)
  • full power IGNT converter, water cooled

The advantages are:

  • Intrinsic reliability using simple and modular components, ie each module stator is impregnated under vacuum and pressure
  • Compactness by clever design and modular
  • Important weight reduction thanks to the axial flux and multiphase technology
  • Fully compliant with the new grid regulations ("grid code") with the permanent magnet machine and a full power converter (DC bus controlled by a chopper)
  • Easy operation mode of withdrawal and / or better performance by the design of the multiphase machine
  • Easily transferable to the multi-megawatt range without costly investments in production
  • Easily transportable due to its modular design

Work progress

The construction of two generators has been launched: the aim is to perform tests "head to tail" to achieve scale tests, a machine running as a motor driving the other operating as a generator.

The design phase of the generator and associated manufacturing tools resulted in June 2009 on the construction of two machines of 800 kW at 24 rpm (36 000 kNm), one air cooled and one water cooled.

In parallel, close contacts were made with the main suppliers of components: blades (Euros), main bearing (Rothe Erde), controller (Mita). Wind experts are working with DDIS wind for the calculation of structures.

In January 2011, DDIS erected its wind turbine prototype DDIS60 at Onnaing, in the North of France. Located in “Parc d’Activités de la Vallée de l’Escaut”, on the ground of the company Delquignies, the DDIS60, 50 meters height and 60 meters of diameter, is a class III-A wind turbine with a power of 800kW.

On the base of this first wind turbine, one of the objectives of DDIS is to license its Technology to manufacturers in Europe and also in India and America.

© 2009 Don Diego, (Rezé - France) for DDIS