Wind onshore

DDIS windturbine data

The technical characteristics of the DDIS windturbine are:

  • rated power: 800 kW
  • diameter: 60m
  • three-bladed rotor
  • Class IIIA
  • pitch control regulation
  • direct drive DDIS generator, cooled air (double circuit)
  • full power IGNT converter, water cooled

The advantages are:

  • Intrinsic reliability using simple and modular components, ie each module stator is impregnated under vacuum and pressure
  • Compactness by clever design and modular
  • Important weight reduction thanks to the axial flux and multiphase technology
  • Fully compliant with the new grid regulations ("grid code") with the permanent magnet machine and a full power converter (DC bus controlled by a chopper)
  • Easy operation mode of withdrawal and / or better performance by the design of the multiphase machine
  • Easily transferable to the multi-megawatt range without costly investments in production
  • Easily transportable due to its modular design

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