Our Technology

Power Converter

DDIS technology is based on a permanent magnet synchronous machine associated with a full power electronic converter whose role is to provide high performance over the entire range of rotational speed.

This type converter AC / DC / AC IGBT is controlled by vector control using a PWM control. Its main functions are:

For the rectifier:

  • To control the power delivered perfectly and the operating point of the alternator according to its rotational speed to optimize performance
  • To adapt to the variable frequency alternator

For the inverter:

  • Adapt the power supplied to the fixed frequency of the grid on which the machine is connected
  • Control the power factor to not consume reactive power, and offer the same opportunity to provide reactive power for weak grids

For the chopper

  • Avoid to stop and restart the machine in case of short duration perturbations of the grid
  • Manage the breaking procedure in case of loss of the grid in order to avoid extreme mechanical stress

Moreover, it consists of multiple identical modules that enable special operation modes to optimize performance of electrical machine or in case of failure


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